Let’s discover the Jury of the Award Ceremony

The BioUpper 4 Award Ceremony will take place on Monday 6 October 2020 at the Joule space of Cariplo Factory with an innovative format, able to combine digital events with the presence of the Jury on site.


The format aims to respond positively to the extraordinary situation that we are experiencing in this period, encouraging networking moments between jurors, who will be called to meet digitally the 10 finalist startups.


Aptus.AI, Dianax, Hero, Intra, Medere, Nuvap, Pain Chronicles, Sensedat, U-care e Ugo Pnp, the finalist startups of the Bioupper 4 Selection Day, have just finished Business Bootcamp – the personalized and modular business support program, consisting of a calendar of lessons and workshops, interspersed with design and review sessions with industry experts from companies Novartis, IBM, Cariplo Factory and Comin & Partners – only one startup will win the accompanying path to the market.


Let’s discover the BioUpper 4 Jury members who will be called to choose the winning startup of the fourth edition.




Pasquale Frega
Country President  &  AD Novartis Farma

After graduating in Economics, Pasquale Frega began his career in Ipsen, a company in which he held several managerial roles for 17 years. After an experience in InterMune Italia, as Senior Vice President, in 2012 he joined Celgene as VP and General Manager of the Italian branch, to take then the role, in 2017, of VP and General Manager of the Central and Northern Europe Region. In Italy he held – and still holds – important positions within the industry associations: he was, among other things, vice-president of Assobiotec, and is currently a member of the Farmindustria Presidential Committee. Since January 2018, he is Country President Novartis Italia and CEO Novartis Farma.



Gaia Panina
Chief Scientific Officer  Novartis Farma

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Brescia, Gaia Panina specializes in cardiology. She completed her training as a Research Fellow in Cardiology at the Cardiology Division, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio (USA). For 18 years she has been operating in the pharmaceutical sector, first in Bristol Myers-Squibb, and then in Novartis. From 2011 to 2015 she was at the helm of the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Italia Medical Department. From 2015 to 2017, again in Novartis, she held the role of Director of the Immunology and Dermatology Franchise. From September 2018 she returned to the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Medical Department in the role of Chief Scientific Officer.



Carlo Mango
Director of the Scientific and Technological Area of Cariplo Foundation; Managing Director Cariplo Factory

Director of the Scientific and Technological Area of Cariplo Foundation, since 2016 Carlo has been Managing Director of Cariplo Factory, the Foundation’s instrumental company that was founded with the aim of creating 10,000 job opportunities and supporting the growth of the most promising innovation companies.
Carlo deals with strategic planning, management of research projects, training and technology transfer. He is responsible for grant-making activities in biomedicine, engineering, physics and natural and agri-food sciences. Member of several international scientific boards and fund investment committees, he is also an Advisor to the European Commission, as well as a member of the boards of directors of various research foundations.



Riccardo Porro
Chief Operating Officer Cariplo Factory

Riccardo Porro began his career in 2007 in the area of scientific research and technology transfer of Fondazione Cariplo, where he worked on the development and strategic planning of numerous innovation programs in areas such as biomedical sciences, advanced materials and the bioeconomy. He participated in the launch of several pioneering initiatives such as the first venture capital fund focused on technology transfer (Ttventure) and Fondazione Filarete, incubator based in Milan and focused on biosciences. Passionate about entrepreneurship, he has contributed to the realization of numerous open innovation programs, including Next Energy (Terna), growITup (Microsoft), and Bioupper (Novartis). In 2015 he designed the strategic framework of Cariplo Factory, of which since 2016 he is Chief Operating Officer. He guides Cariplo Factory in positioning, growth of value proposition and operational excellence, in liaison with all stakeholders that populate the innovation ecosystem.



Giovanni Todaro
Chief Digital Officer IBM Italy

Graduated in Statistical and Economic Sciences in 1999, Giovanni Todaro began his career in IBM Ireland. In 2003 he moved to Milan to hold the role of Operation Manager, and attended the Henley Business School for an MBA. In the first months of 2007, Giovanni managed the delivery unit of professional services for the implementation of solutions concerning the software development cycle (Rational). He then dealt with the integration into IBM of two important acquisitions in the area of Decision Management and Business Process Management (ILOG, Lombardi), and was responsible for the Software Division of security products (IBM Security) and then Software Marketing Manager and responsible for the network services. After an experience as Executive Assistant of the President and CEO of IBM Italia, he is now CDO and Director of the Digital Business Group division.


Antonio Barone
Head of the Regional Welfare Services Division of ARIA SPA

Antonio Barone is Head of the Regional Welfare Services Division of ARIA SPA, the company of the Lombardy Region for innovation and purchasing, and today he has also the task of guiding the data-driven transformation program of the Regional Information System. Starting from a background related to engineering and business administration, he specialized in the health innovation and data strategy/management areas and gained his experience on Digital Transformation in more than 20 years of activity in the public and private sector, the last 15 of which were dedicated to Digital Health issues.


Gianna Martinengo
Founder Didael KTS e ideatrice di Women&Tech

Founder and President of Didael KTS – Creator of Women&Tech, technological humanist, entrepreneur, digital pioneer. Proactive in relation to the transformations of society, Gianna anticipated the development of technologies at the service of citizens, with research and experimentation activities and a dual humanistic (Bocconi and Cattolica) and technological (Stanford, Ca.) training. She founded several start-ups in Italy and abroad, developed 800 projects in the business sector and in the internationalization, technological and social innovation areas. Since 1999 she dedicated herself to supporting women and young people. In 2007 Gianna conceived and implemented the international project “Women & Technologies” and launched the “Le Tecnovisionarie” Award; in 2009 she founded the Women and Technologies Association, in 2010 she conceived the “Ready4Future” project, and in 2018 “The Tram of Innovation”. She is one of the 50 women who have been indicated as InspiringFifty in Italy in 2018. Knight of the Republic, she has been awarded with the Ambrogino d’Oro by the Municipality of Milan.


Alberto Tozzi
Head of the Multifactorial and Complex Diseases Area at the Children’s Hospital Bambino Gesù
Alberto Tozzi is a pediatrician and an epidemiologist, with experience in the field of vaccinations and communicable diseases. He worked as a researcher at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità for over 15 years and participated in – and coordinated – several projects on the prevention and surveillance of infectious diseases. In 2004, Dr Tozzi moved to the Bambino Gesù Hospital, where he continued to work on communicable diseases and began developing eHealth and digital medicine projects, and where he is currently responsible for a multidisciplinary research area. Together with his group, Dr. Tozzi organized an international congress on innovation in pediatrics, which was held in Rome in October 2019 and which hosted over 40 speakers from different disciplines. Dr Tozzi represents the Bambino Gesù Hospital in the international Society for Pediatric Innovation, and collaborates with the World Health Organization in the digital communication field.



Luca Cinquepalmi
Director of Innovation, Planning, Organization and Control of the ENPAM Foundation

Luca Cinquepalmi is director of Innovation, Planning, Organization and Control of the ENPAM Foundation and of the physician’s welfare institution and is one of the main investors in Innovative Startups in Italy. Expert innovator, in particular in the Information Technology sector, consultant for large and small businesses and entrepreneur, he is also engaged in training activities in several international business schools and supports startups personally, as a mentor and consultant.



Nando Minnella
Management Committee of Human Technopole
Member of the Management Committee of Human Technopole, Nando Minella is an economist, former head of the technical secretariat of the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). In 1994 he graduated in economic-organization-oriented sociology at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, and in 2002 in business administration at the same university. In 1997-98 he attended a post-graduate course in economics and business history at the Institute for culture and business history “Franco Momigliano”, and is currently pursuing a research doctorate at the Catholic University of Milan in management and innovation. Since 2017 he has been a member of the management board of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and of the Board of Auditors of the National Agency for Regional Health Services (AGENAS). From 2016 to 2018, he was head of the technical secretariat of the Ministry of Health. Previously, he was company liquidator of the Mediterranean Institute of Hematology Foundation of Rome (2016-18) and of the Arsenale di Venezia SPA (2013-15). Between 2005 and 2015 he worked for the State Property Agency.



Roberto Tiezzi
Head of the Technology Transfer and Third Mission Department of the University of Milan

After a legal education, Roberto Tiezzi specialized in the field of intellectual property, with training experiences acquired internationally and carrying out educational actions in several different national contexts. He is responsible for the Technology Transfer and Third Mission Department at the University of Milan, where he deals with intellectual property management, licensing and support for the creation of innovative companies and public engagement activities. Previously, he was head of the Technology Transfer Office – TTO of the Politecnico di Milano and Director of UNIMITT – University Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer of the University of Milan. In 2019 he obtained an Executive MBA at MIP – the Politecnico di Milano School of Management.