BioUpper: The training week for aspiring startuppers in the field of life sciences is about to start

  • The BioUpper training week will be held in Milan, from today to December 17
  • Seventeen teams selected among 151 candidates; Lombardia the most represented region
  • The objective is to translate an idea into a competitive project, capable of attracting investors
  • On January 10 the jury will select the 10 teams who will have access to the two-month Acceleration Program

Milan, December, 2016 – The BioUpper training week – the program promoted by Novartis Italia and Fondazione Cariplo in support of young talents who want to create a business in the field of life sciences – starts today; this year the initiative, in its second edition, collected 151 applications, 30% more than in 2015, confirming the validity of its innovative formula.

The teams selected by BioUpper, in collaboration with PoliHub, the incubator of the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, are 17: until December 17, they will have the opportunity to experience one of the most challenging stages of the program. During the training week, in fact, aspiring startuppers will “clash” straight away with the real needs of the market, in order to fully get into the spirit of the initiative.

Participants come from 9 Italian regions: geographically, the most represented area is, like last year, Lombardy, with five projects selected. Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Piemonte and Toscana follow, respectively, with two projects each. Also present are Basilicata, Campania, Liguria and Veneto, with 1 project each. Three of these ideas belong to the biotechnology sector, ten to medical devices and four to patient-oriented services.

In addition, as announced, two of the selected team, have recently participated in Hacking Health, an international movement committed in the field of health and care, which promotes – in Italy as well – innovation, through the co-creation between clinical research and academia.

The choice was made according to specific criteria: satisfaction of a need/necessity; innovativeness of the solution; technological impact; technical feasibility and economic viability; quality and skills of the team; scalability/replicability: all key elements for the evaluation by potential investors, according to whom any life science project must also include managerial skills, in order to survive in the market.

The training course aims to help aspiring startupper to present their ideas in a more attractive way, preparing them for the moment they will have to display their projects in front of business angels, who will judge them on the basis of economic indicators often unknown to those who have only ever dealt with the research world.

During the training week, therefore, the 17 teams will attend lessons dedicated to the creation of the business model and the development plan, techniques for the presentation of projects to entrepreneurs, debating workshops and ad hoc meetings, in order to best prepare for the final presentation before the Jury, scheduled for January 10.

After the presentation, the Jury – which is made of representatives from the institutions and the industry, research and finance sectors active in the development of new businesses – will select the 10 proposals that will enter the two-month Acceleration Program.

The objective of the Acceleration Program is to support the teams in preparing and making effective the “go-to-market” phase, i.e. the entry of the project into the market. The program is tailored to each business idea, based on the life cycle of the proposed product/service, and consists of: laboratory work, incubation time, guided tours to companies and districts, also foreign.

This stage will take place in Cariplo Factory, an innovative reality – created through the efforts of the Fondazione Cariplo in Milan to promote the exchange among startuppers – in which participants will be able to find a support to further improve their international strategies and find the money necessary for growth, through the ecosystem created with technology partners, Venture Capital funds and large corporations.

Once completed this last step, each team will be called to present their results. The top three will each receive a € 50,000 contribution, which will allow them to take advantage of customized consulting, services and activities for the further development of their business idea, so as to facilitate the access to the market.


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