BioUpper 4: digital training for startups kicks off

The experiential training dedicated to BioUpper 4 startups will begin on Monday 23 March. A renewed and fully digital format that aims to respond positively to the extraordinary situation we are experiencing. The BioUpper Selection Days will be oriented towards the empowerment and training on issues such as power pitch, personal branding and business plan, in order to prepare the teams for the meeting with the Jury of BioUpper 4.


  • March 23 | Plenary training – How to communicate effectively? How to build a communication-supporting deck for my project.
  • March 27 | Verification session – One-to-one startup-and-mentor session
  • March 30 | Verification session – One-to-one session
  • April 3 | Plenary session – Thoughts and debate


Who are the startups that will participate in the BioUpper 4 Selection Days?


Aptus.AI – DeepMammo

DeepMammo is a SaaS which aims to detect any conditions caused by breast tumors. Through diagnostic imaging, DeepMammo is able to effectively identify anomalies in digital images, thus improving the performance of radiologists, the diagnostic precision and the clinical practice, while reducing costs.


Dianax SRL

Dianax has developed a device which analyzes patient conditions in real time. The instrument, analyzing a drop of blood, transmits the data to the patient’s smartphone and share it in real-time with the doctor. The goal of Dianax is to bring laboratory diagnostics directly to the patient’s home.



Hero has developed a system, based on artificial intelligence, to automatically monitor and control patients both in a healthcare and in a home environment. Hero offers healthcare facilities the opportunity to significantly innovate their monitoring and alert procedures in case of urgency.



Intra is a cranial prosthesis that allows, through the passage of ultrasound directed to deep structures of the brain, the opening of the blood-brain barrier, in order to increase the absorption of drugs or non-invasive ablation both of tumors and of areas of the brain needed to counter the symptoms of some neurodegenerative diseases.


Kazaam Lab – PHOENIX eHealth Platform

PHOENIX eHealth Platform is a Software as a Service platform based on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, able to provide automatic support to decision-making processes, to allow Healthcare Professionals to prescribe more accurate treatments, limiting any undesirable effects.


Medere SRL

Medere has developed a production process for customized orthotics. In order to create them, Medere uses data and images acquired through a proprietary App, which are then processed by an algorithm to reconstruct a 3D model. The latter is optimized on the basis of the specific needs and 3D-printed with fused filament fabrication technology.


Mysurable – mioTest

Mysurable has developed mioTest, an automated portable system for assessing muscle function and diagnosing sarcopenia. The technology of mioTest, focused on cloud-based SW, provides an immediate interpretation of results and personalized advice.


MyTag4life SRL – Doctortag

MyTag4life has developed DoctorTag, a 4.0 smart card containing a certifiable medical record, as well as emergency data readable by smartphone, even in the absence of a data and/or telephone network (NFC technology). DoctorTag is also a system for verifying the real medical-health situation of the user because – in order to make the best use of this solution – the users themselves will need to enter their medical history and have it certified by a partner doctor.


Nuvap SRL

Nuvap has patented an IoT solution for the continuous monitoring of 26 environmental parameters of indoor pollution in the work, study, care and entertainment places. Multi-sensor devices allow to identify health risks in the workplace and prevent the harmful effects of a continuous exposure to polluting sources.


Pain Chronicles SRL

Exploiting a Machine Learning-based algorithm, Pain Chronicles identifies a particular indicator of pain, useful during lab tests and clinical practices. This indicator allows to optimize treatment processes and reduce the number of hospitalizations, as well as that of deaths from opioid overdoses.


SEARCH FOR NURSE INC – Cercainfermieri is the digital platform that connects patients and nurses. The platform offers great advantages for both, since it allows healthcare professionals to optimize the organization of their time and activities, thus managing to meet the needs of their patients, while allowing the latter to have a direct and constant contact with the healthcare personnel.



Sensedat has created, through Machine Learning procedures, a service capable of detecting stress levels, sleep quality and pain response, thanks to the analysis of electrodermal activity, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, body temperature and movements.



U-Care is a medical device that reveals acute kidney damage 12 hours before its onset. To achieve this result, U-Care combines artificial intelligence algorithms with innovative sensors, helping medical staff to prevent AKI.



A Web and mobile platform, UGO allows to request the intervention of operators who offer personalized on-demand support to elderly and/or disabled people and their caregivers. The platform creates a user-operator match and allows for a complete management of the service.


Ultraspecialisti SRL

Ultraspecialisti is a platform that allows the patient or caregiver to identify the most expert doctor, in order to quickly obtain an online consultation useful for their care pathway. In addition, the platform allows the transmission and filing of medical data (DICOM files, MRI images, PDF, photos, etc.) in a safe environment, while protecting privacy and sensitive data.